Arcadia in Munich

Another amazing workshop – this time in Munich. Much to learn each and every time I do these workshops. For the first time my team in New York generated a customer journey using an algorithm written by Joe McHeffey that allowed us to harness the cognitive powers of IBM’s Watson. We gathered data from both qual and quant sources and had Watson generate the customer journey. All my workshops done prior to Munich and all the workshops I’ve seen done by others default to subjective interpretations of the customer journey and much of the time in the workshops I’m mediating important discussions. But when you have Watson generate them for you much of the subjectivity is removed and we can quickly focus. Workshop participants can see the gaps in experiences and target those moments that will truly matter. Watson is part of our new workshopping methodology that we are calling Arcadia. We are starting to define a philosophy and methodology that is intent on helping our clients become much more customer centric. Our goal is to use the customer journey and data driven personas generated by Watson in these workshops to help the team uncover moments in the customer journey where we can drive true innovation. Whether a new product or service or marketing campaign we are intent on helping our clients change the relationship they have with their customers to offer valued points of interaction that help people achieve their goals in life. That’s a long winded way of saying that my goal in life is to help my clients suck less. And help people more. It’s a platform with a big promise and Munich was the first time I tried it out. Naturally much more to come as we define and refine our techniques.