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  • The Monkey Mind

    Thoughts being those random things that jet around our heads. Attachment being the tension/reaction when becoming aware of the thought. Awareness being the “self” or emotional state that is defined by the attachment to that thought. Letting go is becoming aware of the attachment and reaction to that thought.

  • Story Mapping

    This time with a financial services client. Always fun to do with clients whose product or service impacts our everyday lives so directly. We spent several months developing very robust personas – based on data and analytics from a wide range of sources. It’s the best way to go and makes the workshop flow more…

  • Design Workshops

      Did a design workshop the other day. It was a very useful way for the team to build consensus and kickstart the project.

  • Story Mapping

      Getting better with using the color stickies. This one was for a story mapping session with our IBM client.

  • Learning Loops

    Learning Loops

    What data wants – creating learning loops to bring the customer closer. Top diagram represents a typical state – bottom diagram represents an optimal state. The more you learn – the closer you bring your customer – and the more you affect your own business model. And the more you learn.

  • building a culture of learning

    Cultures of Learning

    Where the opportunity presents itself and the stakeholders/community/company respond with a whole bunch of ideas in response. ¬†Develop a governance system that begins to build and expand learning while narrowing down to a single solution. The output is not only a solution to the opportunity but also establishing a culture of learning. For it is…

  • Story Mapping in Singapore

    Spoke to a large gathering of our Asia Pacific team in Singapore this past week. Took them through story mapping and did a quick Jeff Patton style warm up exercise with them. If you look closely enough at the photo you’ll see the yellow stickies. I spoke for nearly two hours and answered a ton…

  • story mapping

    Adventures in Storymapping

    Story mapping is a facilitated group activity that empowers teams to think empathically and uncover opportunities to create valued products or services. It is visual, it is active and it is meant to inform the development of a testable hypothesis that can further drive innovative ways of thinking and better solutions to opportunities that may…

  • The Saw Mill Sasquatch – an intro

    This is the story of the Saw Mill Sasquatch. May he rest in peace. He was the last of his kind in these parts. As far as I can tell. Folks said his constant stomping around and scaring the chickens was a welcome relief from the hard scrabble life we had back in those days.…

  • Inflection Points