Story Mapping in Singapore

Spoke to a large gathering of our Asia Pacific team in Singapore this past week. Took them through story mapping and did a quick Jeff Patton style warm up exercise with them. If you look closely enough at the photo you’ll see the yellow stickies. I spoke for nearly two hours and answered a ton of questions. Clearly there is a real hunger for a different way to do things in our world. We are expert at narrative but not so expert at experience – yet. The audience was made up of people from our offices in Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and Jakarta, Delhi and Seoul. It was a real pleasure to be met with such enthusiasm. They were super well informed and eager to learn. With a mobile first economy in all these places they are leapfrogging the rest of us. It’s all about delivering an experience of real value. The future of our industry relies upon it. And, more significantly, the future of companies and organizations who are looking for sustainable growth. It’s an exciting time for us and I am eager to come back for another workshop soon to help drive change. In turn I am very keen on seeing how regional sensibilities will affect what I do and teach. Watching locals interact with mobile in Singapore and now Tokyo has been eye opening to say the least. So good to be out here and get mental flossed. A big thank you to all who helped set up the workshop and to those who participated. We are definitely¬†on the way to creating the agency of the future and radically differentiating our service offering.