Workshop Insights

Always much to learn from facilitating a workshop. First off, no more than three exercises during the course of a day. That’s nearly a given now even though I always try to pack in more. But – more importantly for me – is an awareness of how my physical presence can affect a room full of people. Centering and grounding and bringing whatever feelings of nervousness at the start of a workshop back down into my core helps me open up to the room. I’ve learned to take a few deep breaths beforehand and pause intentionally as I speak. And listen closely to the pitch of my own voice. Bringing it all down physically into my core and grounding helps me open up and reflect back into the room. It’s an absolutely marvelous feeling and helps me listen and pay close attention to the dynamics of a workshop where most people come in loaded with expectations and opinions. The magic happens when I can help guide and channel the power of those minds into idea generators. I am always grateful and amazed to see how much a room full of very smart people can accomplish in just a day. It gives me such hope for this world.

Well worth watching Dan Siegel talk about grounding and interoception at the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education’s Heart/Mind conference here –

And Gil Fronsdal has a wonderful dharma talk on presence here –